Another Weekend Draws to an End

Hi, hope you’ve all had a great weekend and managed to catch a few suns rays, get some rest and do the things that make you happy 😀 I had a busy weekend and did a little showcase event at Cameo Hair and Beauty, Shay Lane, Halifax. A lovely salon and two great hairdressers with a wide range of experience in the hair business, a lovely beauty area too, well worth a look at!

Todays project is another cake but this time it’s a Rich Chocolate Cake (calorie free again!) even though I say it myself it looks stunning and good enough to eat! So much so that I’ve ended up baking a cake but not chocolate this time Orange with Orange Buttercream and Chocolate strands to top it, very nice it is too! If you would like to purchase a calorie free cake contact me, they start at £22.50 and make a fab centre piece for parties, baby showers,weddings etc.

Yum yum

Yum yum

It looks like the real thing!

It looks like the real thing!


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